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If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule your appointment. It is a big inconvenience when you are late to drop off or pick up your dog as it can run into other appointments causing stress in the salon.

Please call!

No Call No Show


If it is your first appointment with me, I'm sorry but you can not reschedule an appointment.

1st Time: You pay half the price of your groom at the time of reschedule.

2nd Time: You pay full price of groom upfront to reschedule + half groom price for for another missed appointment.

3rd Time: I can no longer groom your dog.

I am a reasonable person! I understand things pop up; car troubles, stuck at work, traffic, family, sickness etc. Just keep me informed!


 If your pet is severely matted there will be an extra charge added to your bill (Starting at $10+). And if you keep bringing your pet in bad conditions your price will continue to go up each visit.  We thrive to keep your pets looking sharp but they need to be comfortable as well!


 There will be a 3% convenience fee added to your bill if you are paying with a debit/credit card.  


 Your total is never final until dog has been seen. And sometimes during the grooming process things can pop up (matting, fleas, ticks, etc) We will let you know right away if your price will go up during the groom.